Health Is Wealth

‘A clear, bright eye

that can pierce the sky

with the strength of an eagle’s vision,

and a steady brain

that can bear the strain

and shock of the world’s collision;

A well-knit frame,

with a ruddy flame

aglow, and the pulses leaping

with the measured time

of an inward rhyme,

their beautiful record keeping;

A rounded cheek,

where the roses speak

of a soil that is rich for thriving,

and a chest so grand

that the lungs expand

exultant, without the striving;

A breath like morn,

when the crimson dawn

is fresh in its dewy sweetness;

a manner bright,

and a spirit light,

with joy at its full completeness,

O, give me these,

nature;s harmonies,

and keep all your golden treasures;

for what is wealth

to the boon of health

and its sweet attendant pleasures?’