Do You… (Challenge Complete)

In an hour and 4 minutes time from when I started typing this  post, the challenge will be over.

Congratulations for completing your first ever do you challenge. You deserve a nice treat. (I hope it’s something healthy 😉 )

Well done and enjoy the rest of your Saturday 🙂


Do You… (Challenge review)

Yesterday I had some more birthday cake and some chocolate birthday cake. I also had some heaven (non-alcoholic fizzy drink).

Today I had for breakfast 2 butter biscuits.

For lunch I had brown rice and peas, chopped  sausages, gravy, onions, cabbage, salad, Quorn fillets (sliced) and 2 pineapple slices (cooked- so I didn’t eat them).

For desert i had a carrot birthday cake with custard and some more heaven drink.

I also drank one of my brothers fruit punch mix with lots of ice! yummm… very summery! 🙂