Impulse Shopping Is A No No

Today I was shopping for a new coat or jacket, and I noticed that almost everything I looked at I wanted. I would have jumped on every style, until I realized that not everything would suit me.

Impulse buying isn’t really the best way, especially when you want to save money instead of spending it on everything that looks cute.

I have to learn to save and be good to my purse instead of to myself. This isn’t going ot be easy seeing as I’m a shopaholic, but there are some good websites that can help teenagers save their money, it is especially important if  your going to college and uni.

The website I recommend is:


Pondering Over The Amount Of Food We British Eat hmmm.

Today as I went downstairs to look for something to eat (as in ten minutes ago) I thought about how much I actually wanted to eat. As I stared into the pots and pans filled with warm white rice and stir fry I realized that I had a very bad stomach ache.

I decided to eat anyway. Only a little bit, and as I sat and looked at my portion, I thought about all the other people who are either starving or want to lose weight. I’m not particularly big but I do need to eat more. I barely had anything to eat today, and drinking water before eating my dinner wasn’t a very smart idea.

So I encourage you all to eat reasonable amounts that is healthy and also won’t add extra weight on your body (unless you need it like me) 🙂

Today I Was Thinking About Jealousy

Today I was thinking about all the things going on in my life and the lives of others. I was wondering why every time I worked hard on something, someone would see what your doing and do the same. But they always end up being ten times better than you!!

I realized that God would want us to help others, and love is about allowing them to do so, and helping them even though they might end up being better than you.

The idea is not to be jealous, but to be happy for them. If they do better than me, and can just learn from my mistakes and take advise from them. Helping me to help others, do onto others as you would have them do on to you.

It’s not about looking my abilities and the abilities of others and doubting and judging, it’s about looking to our Heavenly Father. The one who gives these gifts and holds the whole world in His hands. If I do everything to the glory of His name, He will reward me. It’s not about earthly riches and fame that will soon pass away.

This is something I have to remind myself every day. and I hope that we will all learn lessons from others mistakes, and all help each other to succeed, because that’s how it was meant to be, brother, sister, neighbors looking out for each other.

I was reading up on Ophelia Horton and got a bit jealous. Because this is the time of the Olympics, and I see all these people younger than me winning gold medals and really succeeding made me dampen my fidelity. I started thinking about all the things I could be doing. All I want to do is make others proud of me, but I never stopped to realize what God wants for me.

Confession is good, and I feel a lot better. I decided to be happy for everyone, and to not judge myself either. Instead I read Ophelia’s blog and followed it. Maybe I can learn something from her. God did say and a little child shall lead them, and He has been so merciful to me and you, and is willing to forgive me for feeling green.

Please don’t make the same mistake as me. We should build up each other and not break anyone even ourselves down.