Bull Ring In 1 Hour!?! Please..

I was at the Bull Ring today, and I was only aloud an hour to browse the shops. I love clothes, arts and crafts, and of course freebies, but… how was I supposed to find them all in an hour.

I had to rush around everywhere and was grumpy because I didn’t have any breakfast in the morning! I had an ok day though because I found some more things that I could add to my blogs that might interest my keen readers, and I got to collect a stylist mag, and eat greggs šŸ™‚ small win but at least the sun is shining.

If someone was to tell me before hand that I could go round the Bull Ring in an hour, and still buy something, I would think that it was impossible. But I did it and survived!

Do the impossible and see how much you can buy in an hour, I’d love to hear how you got on. šŸ™‚