A Little Black Dress

I really like this dress because it’s so simple and elegant. I have a few dresses like this. Sometimes it’s cool to accessorize especially when you know how, but sometimes it’s nice to be a minimalist.


Everything 5 Pounds!

I was just browsing through my favorite shopping site, when I found this really simple multicoloured, patent tote bag and a ruched military fabric tote  bag!

I don’t particularly like totes, but because I have so much stuff that I need and like to bring around with me, It’s a good idea to use them.


Rejection Is Different To Failure

I like this text it makes me feel that I am not bad at what I wanted to achieve.

We can use this in a religious way too. I like how God is the opposite to the person in this text. God loves us sooo much, and even when we end up coming short of His glory, He knows that we have tried our best and will not judge us for that.

The tip is to do your best, and even when the going gets tough and it seems that you will never achieve your goal, their will be someone who sees your talents and sees you for who you are, and they will love you for that. God loves you and I do too. That’s all that counts.

Enjoy the rest of your day, love Nadine xxx

Welcome To My New And Improved Blog!

Hello, and thank you for accepting the change of moving blogs!

I hope you will enjoy A Unique World, and also learn a bit more through the different topics and learning a bit more about life.

Enjoy reading and please share what you like and leave comments!
I’m always looking for ways to improve to keep my readers happy, so I would love to have lots of advice.

Thank you.