Inspiration On The Spot

I was out in the garden watching my Grandma hanging up the wet clothes when my brother came back from college. He came out into the garden and stood by the door watching our Grandma.

He told me a bit about his day and stepped forward into the light. At that moment I really wanted to take a picture. It looked so good. I didn’t have to edit it because I think I got it just right.

I like the way he looks so cool with his hands on his hips and facing the direction the clothes line is pointing.

The sun peeping over the roof of the house just behind his head looks beautiful. It’s like in that second, it was shining just for him.

I think this picture makes him look like a superhero (without the superman costume) posing after he has just saved a citizens life.

It reminds me that I’m younger than him because I look up to my brother (even though I don’t tell him that 😉 ).

Have a good Monday evening! Love Nadine xx


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