New Likes By Company Magazine

These are a few images of the new likes that came up on Company Magazines Facebook page.

I like these particular ones too.

Firstly the jackets! They are very stylish. I especially like the scarf printed jacket, seeing as this print has took street markets by storm over the past few months.

I like the pink left zipped jacket because the colour is quite unique especially for a jacket of this style. It has cute sleeves edged with a thin line of black material, and judging from the picture it has a nice shape around your torso. The only problem with this particular jacket is that it may not suit every ones figure, because everyone has a different shaped torso (e.g. the four main female shapes are: pear shaped or bell shape, banana or straight, hourglass, apple or triangle, ect.)

The short shorts are a nice shape. The length for me is a bit too short seeing as I like to be slightly modest (or I’m just afraid of showing my horrible legs!!)  and wear jeans. But I would wear these with tights or leggins.

The heels/wedges are beautiful. The colours match the pink jacket and shorts, so you could wear them as a whole outfit. But to be honest, the heels could go with ever jacket shown here, depending what shorts, skirt, or trousers you wear.

Have a good day and I hope to talk to you guys later xx

Happy reading. Love Nadine