Returning To School Request

I found this posted on Facebook from a friend of mine. I feel that this post is quite important especially for those who are new to the school.

I remember when I had first started year 6 at a new school, and it took me 3 days to make friends. I always used to walk around with my hood over my head because I was nervous and embarrassed. No one really noticed until this girl came up to me and introduced herself.

She told me her name and said “I couldn’t help but notice that you were standing there all by yourself and I wonder if you would like me to introduce you to my friends”. It was the best day ever, and from then on, all my insecurities faded, and I was able to walk around without my thick, heavy coat (mind you it was summer time!)

So for any parents reading this, please remind your children to stay friendly, (as I’m sure they are) work hard and enjoy school.
Thank you šŸ˜€

Happy reading, Love Nadine xx