Turn An Old Art Kit Into A Fashion Suitcase

My cousin gave me an old suitcase that her dad bought for her as an art set that contained artist pencils. I loved the suitcase a lot, but I didn’t know what to do with it.

59 colour-pencils
59 colour-pencils (Photo credit: Eva the Weaver)

After a few weeks of¬† needlessly opening and closing the suitcase, the screws came out slightly. I was so upset and didn’t know if I should throw it out or keep it.

After a while I printed of some silhouettes of people to design some clothes, then I realized I could do the same for my suitcase.

I opened it up and blue tacked the silhouettes in the middle and drew a thin pencil line around it.

I then chose some paints, and when the paints ran out, I would chose a darker paint and fill in the gaps.

I then got a metallic pen of gold and silver, and coloured in the top part of the suitcase.

The silver pen was to go with the black, red, and light blue theme and the go9ld pen was to go with the yellow, beige, and dark blue theme.

For the finishing touches I added some silver glitter inside my silhouette for the silver half, and for the gold half I painted my silhouette green.

I now use these for decoration on top of my keyboard along with a photo frame that I received on my birthday.

Happy Reading, Love Nadine xx


Nail Nutrition Advice No. 5

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) helps to prevent hangnails and the swelling of nail tissue. I recommend eating red peppers, broccoli, potatoes, squash, nuts, wheatgerm, barley, and fresh fruits such as tomatoes and citrus which is the most important.

I got this information from a book called “A Complete Guide To Manicure¬† pedicure” by Leigh Toselli.

i found this book interesting and wanted to share it because quite a lot of us love our nails and want to preserve them. Our hands and feet are very important to us on a day to day basis, and wouldn’t it be a let down if we didn’t look after them?

I took this book from the library just down the road from where I’m living because I have long nails and want to look after them. For my birthday I got a manicure set, so now I want to put it to good use to make my nails look stunning!

For those that have long nails and want to preserve them, I have an article from this book that will help you to look after them.

In the meantime keep reading these daily posts of nutritional information.

Have a good Tuesday and a good breakfast. Love Nadine xx