Nail Nutrition Advice No. 5

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) helps to prevent hangnails and the swelling of nail tissue. I recommend eating red peppers, broccoli, potatoes, squash, nuts, wheatgerm, barley, and fresh fruits such as tomatoes and citrus which is the most important.

I got this information from a book called “A Complete Guide To Manicure  pedicure” by Leigh Toselli.

i found this book interesting and wanted to share it because quite a lot of us love our nails and want to preserve them. Our hands and feet are very important to us on a day to day basis, and wouldn’t it be a let down if we didn’t look after them?

I took this book from the library just down the road from where I’m living because I have long nails and want to look after them. For my birthday I got a manicure set, so now I want to put it to good use to make my nails look stunning!

For those that have long nails and want to preserve them, I have an article from this book that will help you to look after them.

In the meantime keep reading these daily posts of nutritional information.

Have a good Tuesday and a good breakfast. Love Nadine xx