A List Of 10 Ways To Show Someone You Care

I think that friendship is very important. It’s what most humans survive on. Knowing that you have someone that cares for you and doesn’t mind you dropping in when the going gets tough is quite encouraging.

These 10 Tips I got were from a Hannah Montana magazine. Yeah I know Hannah Montana, but I found this section quite interesting. (I have only bought it once and it was when I was a lot younger from my brother’s, friend’s mum.)

  1. Make a list of things you appreciate about the person and give it to him/her.
  2. Compliment him/her on something that others might not notice, such as how well he/she takes care of their sibling or how he/she always knows what to say in any situation.
  3. Give him/her something of yours that reminds you of him/her.
  4. Say thank you for something he/she did for you that he/she may not realize, such as giving you the courage to speak up or inspiring you to try something new.
  5. Ask him/her advice on some of the things in your life that matter most to you.
  6. Invite him/her out with your friends that he/she hasn’t met yet.
  7. Remember things about his/her likes, dislikes, stories he/she’s told, comments he/she’s made.
  8. Net time you have the mic in your hand, dedicate a karaoke performance to him/her.
  9. On any random day, for no special occasion, just tell him/her your glad he/she’s a part of your life.
  10. Give him/her a big hug! Never underestimate the healing power of the good vibes generated by a comforting touch!

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