Catch The Glimses Of The Sun Above Our Eyes In Day

Catch the glimpses of the sun above our eyes in day,

where sunlight peeps and song birds speaks behind the misty hay.

The neighbors arise and touch the skies as they stretch and yawn,

It’s a beautiful start to their day, that day, yes this merry morn.

I hope you liked the little poem I just made up. It’s so beautiful watching the sunrise. I get sad every time my day ends because the sun gives me energy and happiness.

I thought that instead of posting this in the morning, I will post it now to express my love of a fresh start.

Fresh starts don’t have to happen the next day. Start now!!

My fresh start is going to be tiding my room and coming up with more blog posts.

What is your fresh start going to be?

Whatever it is, I wish you all the best!

Have a good evening, From Nadine


Jubilee Tea Purchase Street! Keep your goods safe!

I have just come back from H&M Bargains, and saw this lovely trio of tins. I love vintage, and thought this would be a good buy.

I’m not going to fill them with tea, coffee, or sugar, but I’m going to use it to put things in that no one would guess.
I don’t think anyone would really care what I put in them, so I could put my prized possessions in them. No one would see it or suspect it. If I were to put it in a safe, then people would know that I had something to hide, whereas if I keep it in view (carefully hidden) then I will be fine 🙂

I’m not saying that safes are not as safe as tins, but they are not very stylish or good at hiding the fact that you have something (or things) that you want to keep safe.

There are lots of other cool places where you can hide your prized possessions. For example a dictionary safe box.

I hope you try these tips and that it works. You don’t have to store your prized possessions in tins, it could be for stationary, craft items, jewellery, make up ect.

Have a good afternoon, Love Nadine xx (Keep safe!) <I know it’s cheesy 🙂

To buy a dictionary safe visit this website:

You can get them cheaper if you look around different shops.

Romans 8:31, 32

Problems can

get out of proportion,

and not only in the

wee small hours.

Don’t let the problems

eclipse the Master.

Let the Master eclipse the problems.

“If God is for us, who can be

against us? He who did not spare his own Son, but gave

him up for us all – how will he

not also, along with him,

graciously give us all things?

This is a quote from “God’s Little Book Of Encouragement” by David Marshall.

I like this because It makes me remember that even though I have a lot of problems that I don’t think I can deal with, I have someone that can. I don’t have to carry the burden of all my problems, I can give it up to the problem solver.

This is helpful because I don’t have to be upset, or let my problems depress me. I can live my life knowing that everything is taken care of.

How To Make A Square Accordion

If you want to find a pretty way to store things, or want a nice big envelope to fit all your little things in there, as a gift or for yourself, then this might just be the answer.

You will need:

Step One

Get your first envelope, and apply some glue.

Step Two

Gently place your next envelope on the first, making sure that it is straight before applying pressure.

Repeat step one and two for the next envelope.

Step Three

Get some sticky labels and your pens, and match the pen colour to the colour of each envelope. Once each envelope has a pen colour, draw a thin/thick line around the border of your sticky label. (It is important to keep the middle clear so that you have space to write what you are going to put in each envelope.)

Step Four

Place the sticky labels onto the correct envelope, and fold it over inwards.

Step Five

Create as many holes as you want on the top envelope using the hole puncher. (It would be easier to do one or two instead of three, especially if your envelope is paper and not card.)

You can use wool or ribbon to tie around you accordion.

Step Six

Tie a knot to hold the wool/ribbon in place, then flip the accordion around and tie a knot.

And now you have your finished accordion.

You can do any size, any type of envelope, and any colour. You can even try more than three envelopes. I recommend that you only use odd numbers like 3,5,7, or 9 envelopes instead of making it equal. This will add uniqueness to your accordion.

I hope you enjoyed making your own squared accordion. If you have tried this, please send me a picture! I would love to see and hear how you got on by leaving a comment!

Thank you and have a good Thursday, From Nadine

Nail Nutrition Advice No. 6

Vitamin D (calciferol) enhances absorption of calcium, which prevents brittle and dry nails. Vitamin D comes from fish and fish oils, liver, milk, and sunlight on your skin.

This information comes from a book called A Complete Guide To Manicure & Pedicure by Leigh Toselli.

Remember to be careful about how long you stay under direct sunlight. We only need at least half an hour of sunlight a day.