Catch The Glimses Of The Sun Above Our Eyes In Day

Catch the glimpses of the sun above our eyes in day,

where sunlight peeps and song birds speaks behind the misty hay.

The neighbors arise and touch the skies as they stretch and yawn,

It’s a beautiful start to their day, that day, yes this merry morn.

I hope you liked the little poem I just made up. It’s so beautiful watching the sunrise. I get sad every time my day ends because the sun gives me energy and happiness.

I thought that instead of posting this in the morning, I will post it now to express my love of a fresh start.

Fresh starts don’t have to happen the next day. Start now!!

My fresh start is going to be tiding my room and coming up with more blog posts.

What is your fresh start going to be?

Whatever it is, I wish you all the best!

Have a good evening, From Nadine