Jubilee Tea Purchase Street! Keep your goods safe!

I have just come back from H&M Bargains, and saw this lovely trio of tins. I love vintage, and thought this would be a good buy.

I’m not going to fill them with tea, coffee, or sugar, but I’m going to use it to put things in that no one would guess.
I don’t think anyone would really care what I put in them, so I could put my prized possessions in them. No one would see it or suspect it. If I were to put it in a safe, then people would know that I had something to hide, whereas if I keep it in view (carefully hidden) then I will be fine 🙂

I’m not saying that safes are not as safe as tins, but they are not very stylish or good at hiding the fact that you have something (or things) that you want to keep safe.

There are lots of other cool places where you can hide your prized possessions. For example a dictionary safe box.

I hope you try these tips and that it works. You don’t have to store your prized possessions in tins, it could be for stationary, craft items, jewellery, make up ect.

Have a good afternoon, Love Nadine xx (Keep safe!) <I know it’s cheesy 🙂

To buy a dictionary safe visit this website: http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/537629494/English_Dictionary_Safe_Secret_book_safe.html

You can get them cheaper if you look around different shops.