Brogues- It’s Not The Season?

When is it the right season to wear brogues? Personally I don’t think they have or need a season. I know that they tend to come out in the summer, but I’m not sure they need to all the time.

Brogues are a simple, stylish, but sort of tom-boyish shoe that can work with any look. Jeans, dresses, skirts. They all seem to scream out the name.

I chose these two brogues from everything5pounds. I thought they were really beautiful. The only problem with the website is that everything sells out very quickly. This is a shame for me because I never got to buy these 😦 I really liked the colours and patterns for these two though.

I went for the classic brogue because you can’t beet it’s light beige colour and style.
I also chose the black and white vintage patterned brogue because it’s so pretty and unique as a pattern, and putting it with a unique shoe has made it very elegant and delicate to look at.

I would wear brogues almost everyday (If I had any) They can accompany every mood and incorporate any style.

If I was to recommend them, I would say to also buy some warmer/tougher shoes too, for other occasions, and for rain, and when the time gets chilly.

(I’m still going to buy some though!)

Happy Monday!!, From Nadine


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