Nail Nutrition Advice No. 10

Iron is an essential nutrient that can either make your nails thick or flat. You should increase your intake of lean red eat (for the meat eaters), green vegetables, nuts, beans (for vegetarians and vegans), milk (for dairy takers), and fish (for pescetarians)

Iron is very important and can also be found in some cereals.

There are also quite a few health benefits, such as:

    • Muscle function: It supply’s oxygen to assist the function of your muscles.
    • Brain function: 20% of our blood is used by our brain. Because oxygen travels through the blood stream, iron is directly linked to the health of the brain.
    • Regulation of body temperature
    • Oxygen carrier
    • Iron deficiency anemia: This disorder is caused by the lack of iron (hence the name), so the intake of iron would be a benefit to the situation.
    • Chronic diseases: For an example of a chronic disease, it can help renal failure anemia.
    • Fatigue: This can be caused in either a man or women from the lack of iron. Eating iron will keep you fit and healthy.
    • Immune system: Iron provides strength to the immune system. This helps it to fight against diseases and infections.
    • Insomnia: Iron helps improve the pattern of sleep in  an individual.
    • Concentration: Iron is useful for those working, going to school, college, uni. etc. It boosts the concentration levels, which is needed in environments like the ones mentioned above.



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