Nail Nutrition Advice No. 11

Magnesium is important for nail growth and it stimulates nerve and muscle action. Some good sources of magnesium include wholegrain (bread and cereals), leafy green vegetables, nuts, beans, fish, and milk.

Five top health benefits to magnesium are:

  1. Magnesium may reverse osteoporosis.
  2. Magnesium prevents cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Magnesium regulates high blood pressure (hypertension).
  4. Magnesium treats diabetes.
  5. Magnesium treats migraines, insomnia, and depression.
English: Magnesium tablets
Magnesium Tablets

I hope for those that do suffer from the symptoms above will seek medical advice and/or take magnesium. It is difficult to be skeptical, because magnesium is a natural product.

Make sure that you buy it from somewhere you  trust. Some magnesium from one shop differs to another, so make sure you’re careful when purchasing and take the required amount that your Gp recommends.