A New Narrator Is Joining A Unique World!!

Soon a new narrator will be joining me here on A Unique World. Her name is Serene and she is my cousin, best friend, and little sister.

I hope that you will take an interest in her posts as well as mine when she starts. Her interests are almost the same as mine, but you will still get the same posts and more.

I can’t wait, and I hope you can’t either. It’s going to be a huge difference (hopefully) and a good one too.

I will tell you more about her when she joins.

Night night all! 🙂


The More That You Read By Dr Seuss.

I really like this quote from Dr. Seuss. H is so inspiring and full of knowledge and wisdom.

I particularly like this quote because I love reading. I love to learn and study. This reassures me that with a bit of effort I can get anywhere,

This is also good for all the teens that got their GCSE results today. I would like to say a special congratulations to my cousin who got an A* , 9 A’s and a B. I am very proud of him.

Me on the other hand, I got an A, B, 2 C’s, a D and an E. Very bad but I got into college for Fashion and Clothing Design. Woppie!! I did quite well considering I moved school in the year of the GCSE’s and I didn’t get that many lessons for the ones I wanted to do.

I want to say congratulations to all the students who got their results and got what they wanted. For those who are slightly disappointed with themselves, don’t give up!!!

Have a good night, From Nadine and…

Signature of Dr. Seuss
Signature of Dr. Seuss

Nail Nutrition Advice No. 12

Fresh vegetables are important components of a...
Fresh vegetables are important components of a healthy diet.

Protein is needed for healthy keratin formation. Too little can weaken your nails, so make sure that you get your fair share by eating two portions of the following: meat, fish, eggs, cheese or milk. all foods contain protein, even vegetables, fruits and grains, so most people who follow a healthy diet get more than enough each day. (Vegetarians or vegans who are concerned about the state of their nails should increase their intake of dark green leafy vegetables and flax oil.)

Just remember to watch your intake.
Have a nice dinner, Form Nadine 🙂

River Island’s Free World Delivery Starts Now!!

River Island at Castlepoint Shopping Centre
River Island at Castlepoint Shopping Centre

On Thursday the 23rd of August and Friday the 24th of August, River Island will be giving free standard delivery worldwide.


This offer will end 23:59 BST on Friday the 24th of August. Excludes gift vouchers.


My advice is to get shopping NOW!!! I don’t want this offer to end on anybody.


Good morning, and happy shopping 😀 from Nadine