A Quote By Mark Finley

Mark Finley
Mark Finley


A well known Pastor/Preacher of the SDA Churchmade

this quote saying “I would rather fail in doing things for God that succeed in doing nothing”.

I thought that this quote was very encouraging for me because I always want to impress everyone. I try to do my best in everything I do and want people to be proud of my decisions, including me.

Seventh-day Adventist Church

This encourages me that if I do things for God, then He’ll be more proud of me than anyone or anything. If I dedicate things for myself, who will be proud if me? What would I be achieving apart from vanity?

We should remember to dedicate our lives and what we do to God, and He will truly bless us and reward us for our labor 🙂

Happy Sabbath to all that believe in it, and have a good night, From Nadine 🙂



What’s Your Favourite Breakfast?

Today for breakfast I had muesli yummy!

Please select which one you had to vote 🙂

Vacation Fashion

I found this dress on pintrest. I really live this because it’s so pretty!

I like the soft browns aided by the white lace.

The fur for the skirt part of the dress really works and shows lots of contrast with the blouse part of the dress.

The sunglasses complete this outfit and sets you off with a celebrity look for wherever you go.

Happy travelling (for all who are), from Nadine


Nail Nutrition Advice No. 13

English: Woman with nails painted

Silicone helps nails to use calcium effectively and is necessary for nail formation. You can find silicone in alfalfa sprouts, brown rice, soya, peppers, whole grains, and leafy vegetables.

Some benefits of silicone:

  • Prevents deformities in bones and helps strengthen them by assisting calcium.
  • Prevents alopecia (thinning of hair)
  • Maintains the glow of the skin
  • Helps in healing processes
  • Prevents aluminum toxicity
  • Prevents Atherosclerosis
  • Restores mucosa of the respiratory tract
  • Prevents the brittleness of nails

Life Goes On

I saw this post on pintrest and really liked it. It helped me to realize that we shouldn’t hold grudges and we should just carry in even though we might not have had a good experience.

we need to remember that life isn’t always going to be a field of roses, and even when the going gets tough, life goes on.

Holding grudges is hazardous to our health, and can also cause depression. We need to learn that forgiveness is key to having a peaceful life.

Yes, the going might get tough, but we can make it. It won’t be the end of the world, and things will always get better.

Always remember that life goes on.

Have a good morning, From Nadine 🙂