Today I Was Thinking About…


I think that everything about me is creative. I strongly like singing, dancing, musicals, playing the keyboard/piano, playing my violin, playing my mums guitar, drawing, painting, craft projects, scrap booking, reading, writing, journalism, storyology,blogging, that kind of thing.

I have a lo of interest in that field. I really want to start my own Etsy shop before I start running my own boutique. I think that vintage is really cool and I really like the sound of using all my artistic skills to present an item that I have made or have restored.

I like it when people are appreciative of my work and hobbies. It makes me really happy to be creative, and it makes me think about how I got so creative in the first place.

When I think back to when I was much younger, I always used to draw at the dinner table sitting next to my brother (who was draqwing also), surronded by my mum and dad who would either watch us or be on the computer which was right in front of the table.

I really loved the closeness of my family because it reminds me how loving they are to me, and towards each other. Everyone in my family are creative in some way. My dad is into music and my mum is into arts and crafts.

I inherited almost everything from my parents. My brother inherited some from my dad, and some from my mum. He’s into filming, design technology and drawing> mostly like my dad who also produces his own music on the computer.

I don’t know who I’m mostly like, but I remember back then (going back to the story I was telling about us around the dinner table) I used to be soooo bad at drawing. My brother was fantastic drawing cars and animals like a pro. After years of not drawing because I thought I was so rubbish, I picked up an A2 piece of paper and hung it on my bedroom wall. I hung up two more and stared at them. After I picked up a small picture I had printed of a tiger and started to draw. When I had finished I was so shocked at what I had done.
My parents were so impressed and shocked too. My brother kept on congratulating me.

Long story short, I continued to draw. Now I want to start to sell my drawings and do so much more that I could have imagined with creativity.

I believe that God put all of this in me for a reason. I know it could never have been me because I hadn’t even practiced drawing so how could I all of a sudden just do it??

I think that now I am going to really practice with all the things that I am good at, so that I can get better and go far with my work.

I hope you all do the same and work hard with the skills that you have learned and the gifts that you were given and to keep on learning! Unused talent is a great waste when it could be benefiting someone else.

Thank you for reading a bit of my story. I hoped it helped! From Nadine.


Nail Nutrition Advice No. 15

Today is the last post that I will be doing of nail nutritionadvice from

Nail wraps

Leigh Toselli’s book “A Complete Guide To Manicure & Pedicures”.

I hope that you have learned a lot about nutrition from these posts as I have learned a lot from Leigh’s book. As promised, from days onwards after this I will be doing a special post for those with long nails. I will be using this same book to help you to look after those long nails.

Here is the last post then 😦

Zinc contributes to cell growth and function and is also an easy essential nutrient for healthy skin and nails. Good sources of this mineral include brewer’s yeast, egg yolks, pulses, pumpkin, pecan nuts, sunflower seeds, wheat bran, and whole grains.

Some benefits of zinc:

  1. 1. Strengthens immune system preventing or shortening the duration of colds.2. Supports smell and taste sensitivity

    3. Increase fertility.

    4. Helps prevent osteoporosis.

    5. Promotes healthy skin (especially acne, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, diaper rash and burns.)

    6. Aids in weight loss

    7. Helps balance blood sugar and helps insulin to function properly.

    8. Promotes healthy eyes.

Thank you for being keen readers in Nail Nutrition Advice, and for your support. From Nadine 🙂

The Pink And White Dress

I found this pink and white dress on pintrest.

II really like this dress because it looks so easy and calm. There’s not a lot going on and it’s quite simple.

The cute little bow belt was a good idea seeing as it’s very thin, so it won’t add too much to the dress/outfit.

The ruffles on the skirt part of the dress gives a floaty Cinderella kind of look, making this dress look ball worthy and suitable for special occasions.

The top part of the dress is quite a low cut, so for those who don’t like to show too much, if any cleavege, then you can wear the dress with a thin strappy vest.

I would wear this dress because it would also suit my figure. I have a dress like that one, except it’s in orange, red and blue from Sainsburys.

Happy Reading, From Nadine

Good Morning All!

This Prayer is one that can be said every morning. It’s good to ask the Lord to lead the way, seeing as he sees everything and knows everything.

I would rather let him lead me because I always make mistakes and sometimes do the things what I want to do, even though those things would get me into trouble.

God, like our parents wants the very best for us. His decisions are not selefish and are to pretect us and to not stop us from what we want to do.

Sometimes we might want to do one thing for e.g. fashion design then God says, you should be a model instead. Imagine this is something that you really don’t want to do, but you listen to God and do it anyway. After a few years of being a model, you decide to draw a dress collection just for fun. You now have more insite into the things that other people are designing, and you also know when the seasons change and how dramatically the clothing changes over the seasons.

We must remeber to let God lead, because He’s the only one that sees the big picture, unlike us who only see peices of the jigsaw where God has worked miraculously on our lives, and the lives of others.

Good Morning. and I hope you have a good day, From Nadine.