Making An English Brunch (It’s Supposed To Be Breakfast)

Today I decided that I was going to make an English Breakfast. I called it brunch because it was lunch time (But I had already eaten breakfast!)

An English Breakfast (the Jamaican way) consists of baked beans (with/without onions), plantain, fried dumplings, toast, fried egg, and you could have ackee and saltfish with it.

I only made baked beans with onions, fried egg, and dumplings.

So this is what you are going to need:

  • Self-raising flour
  • Sea Salt
  • Butter
  • Free range eggs (this type doesn’t have to be used)
  • A tin of baked beans
  • Olive oil
  • Water
  • Cayenne pepper

Here are the steps:

  1. Mix as much self-raising flour that you want with some water and some salt.
  2. Mix and knead until it becomes like dough.
  3. Break small/large (depending on how big you want your dumplings to be) pieces of dough and roll it in your hand till it becomes a ball shape.
  4. Place at least 5 into a dutch pot filled with hot oil. Be careful!
  5. Whilst the dumplings are frying, slice some onions (if you want them) and place into a pan with a spoonful of melting butter. Fry them for a while, but not till it becomes golden brown. You want to preserve the flavor.
  6. Turn over the dumplings and leave to fry the other side.
  7. Just before adding the baked beans, add a shake or two of cayenne pepper.
  8. Stir the beans and add another spoon or two of butter and gently stir.
  9. The dumplings should be done now. If there is still some dough left, just repeat the steps until they are cooked.

Tip: To test if the dumplings are done, place a fork into the top. If no dough comes off on it, then they are ready to eat.

10. Turn off the heat on the baked beans and move to another side of the stove. Place a frying pan on the same nozzle, and heat up some oil.                                                                                                                      11. You can then fry your egg(s).

Thank you for sharing this recipe with me, I hoped you liked it, From Nadine 🙂


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