A Unique World (Hopefully) Is Going To Undergo Transformation!!

Hey Readers!

I’m soo excited about this new idea. I was recently watching Elle & Blair’s videos on their blog, and I thought that it would be cool if I did the same. (this is a HUGE maybe though¬† :/ )

I have been thinking about adding videos to my youtube channel before, but I didn’t know what to film.

I decided that I will link my channel to this blog and turn it into a vlog.

My brother decided that he will help me, and for that I’m really thankful.

The videos will come soon, so stay tuned!! (sorry for the cliche)

I hope that you will forgive me if the videos are rubbish at first, or not at a good standard. I have yet to develop my unique style of vlogging, just as I am finding my voice at blogging.

Thank you and I hope you guys are excited too! ūüėÄ

So I need to ask you some questions about what topics you would like me to do. I just want to say that I don’t wear or own any makeup products, so unfortunately for those that do it can’t be on the list. Sorry.

Also I would like to know what WordPress themes are your favorites, and what you think would suit the blogs new transformation.

Please leave any of your comments, views, concerns, or tips in the comments below

Thank you Kindly!!, From Nadine


Like A Dream, Autumn Collection

Like A Dream, Autumn Collection

A Wear cream dress

Wallis military coat

Platform heels

Yves saint laurent handbag

Cubic zirconia necklace

Origins face makeup

Marc by Marc Jacobs fragrance

Back To School Outfits

Back To School Outfits

2 Corinthians 4:8, 9

If you trust, you can be

knocked down, but never

knocked out. And even when

you’re knocked down, there’s

a strong arm to lift you up

and a gentle hand to dust

you off.

We are hard-pressed on all

sides, but we are never


we are puzzled, but never in

despair. We are persecuted, but

never deserted: we may be

knocked down but we are never knocked out!

This is a quote from David Marshall’s book called ‘God‘s Little Book Of Encouragement’.

I really like this quote because it makes me feel safe. Even if I make a mistake, I will always be helped to do better. If I stumble, God is always there to help His child get up and to help them get to the right path.

We are God’s children, and He loves us very much.

Remember that even if we make a mistake, God still loves us and is willing to help us all the time.

Happy reading! From Nadine ūüôā