Today I Was Thinking About…


I had to do my maths assessment today at College. As we got in, the teacher assessing us said that we had to get 40 marks out of 60 to pass, and on passing we would be able to take maths lessons for the year before doing the exam. A lot of us thought that this is what we should do and we should try our very best to get 40 or even 60 in the assessment.

Just as everyone was getting themselves prepared, the teacher said that the majority of last year maths students failed their GCSE. This is because the extra homework for the maths was so hard and soo much on top of all the homework that they are getting already for the things that they actually wanted to do. Also we would have to dedicate 3hrs a week of our time to do maths. He said that if anyone wanted to leave/give up now, they was aloud to walk out because it’s not essential.

Quite a few people left. I was quite upset at the fact that he had told us this before our challenge had even started.

I tried to encourage as much people as I could to just try and do the assessment. It’s only for a year so we should just get it over and done with.

After that I had pattern cutting and it was soooo hard. I was really struggling and had to give myself a pet talk to work and stop dwelling on my weaknesses. (I’m sure everyone talks to themselves…right?  right?

Anyway, I managed to get the work done, and it turned out alright.. so far.

What I’m trying to say is that sometimes you are going to come to a point when no one can help you, but you. There might not be anyone there to help you and you will have to be the one to get yourself out of the situation you’re in. Especially at college, I am going to be responsible for my learning. But all the new information is just trying to find somewhere to rest. I know it’s going to hurt, but it will be useful in the end.

Try your best at everything you do, and DON’T GIVE UP!!! You are responsible for you, so please make it a good one! 🙂 You’ll be fine and it will get easier over time 🙂