Fashion Shoot For Street Meets Style

I took quite a lot of pictures for my new blog. This picture was one of my favorites because I like the way that not the whole outfit was shown, and that you can’t see the messy garden! (jokes 🙂 )

I like how you can imagine that I am not in a garden and that I could be somewhere in town looking at a lamp post instead of a washing line. You can really let your thoughts run wild even when the picture is portraying something completely different.

Why don’t you experiment with your camera and see what you can come up with. It could be a picture of you and your cat,car or whatever, but just try to make it look like it’s not actually a cat or a car. Make it look like it’s something completely different if you are up to the challenge.

Once you have taken your pictures, please send them to me at and explain what it is that you have taken the picture of, what it could look like, and what you are wearing in the picture. Also state which shops you got your clothing from and how much each item cost.

Thank you and I can’t wait to see your pictures. The ones that I think are the best will be shown exclusively on my new blog. Thank you and happy reading! From Nadine