Sunrise- Treasure Each Moment

Sunrise is my most favourite time of day. It’s when the birds wake up and start singing, where the children wake up and get ready for school.

Anyways… I really like to wake up to see the sunrise. It’s the best time of day for me. It’s a time where I can reflect and think about the day ahead. It’s also a time where you can find yourself, reflect and communicate with your maker in this quite and blessed time.

Also statistics says that if you have an excellent start to your day, the rest of your day is going to be GREAT!!!

I suggest that you make the most of your mornings and make sure that you have a splendid time. Treasure every minute of your morning, then treasure the rest of your day. Moment by moment.

What do you do in the mornings to make them special? Please leave a comment in the box below answering this question πŸ™‚

Thank you and happy reading πŸ˜‰

From Nadine