My New Muse: No More by J Moss

This is probably one of the best songs that J Moss has ever done (that I’ve heard anyway 🙂 ).

When I first heard this song I was shocked at how different it sounded to all his other songs. I just sounded so nice and flowed nicely.

To me it seemed like a more serious message so that’s why it sounded quite mellow rather than upbeat.

Here is the song so that you can listen to it. I hope you like it as much as me 🙂

(This video was uploaded by Kelia Coleman):

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Thank you and have a nice night!

From Nadine



Hi Everyone!

I found this picture on Facebook and found it quite interesting and thought I should share this experience with you all.

At College I am seeing a lot of bullying going on from certain people and sometimes I hang around with them (the only reason for this is because our class is quite small and at times there is no one to talk to or sit next to). I hear a lot of gossiping about how this person can’t stand this person etc.

Sometimes I get it and I would add my comment, but I would be careful not to say anything offensive or that could be used against me (even though it wasn’t directed like that) because of a past experience with two of my friends.

I will change the names of my friends just for the sake of it 🙂

My friends Candice, Aurora and Charlie were talking about another one of my friends Joan and they were saying that on that particular day she was being quite annoying. I agreed that she could lighten up a bit and agreed that she was beginning to annoy.

Later on Joan approached me and said that we were no longer friends because I said that she was very annoying. I had to tell her that it wasn’t true because everyone had said it and agreed that she should cheer up. (We are still good friends today by the way 🙂 )

Anyway, I was hanging out with these ‘bullies’ (who are not really bullies but do at times) and they were talking about one of our tutors. A couple of minutes later in class I watched them giggling and pointing at me. I felt kind of hurt that they would be picking on me even though I had said or done nothing wrong towards them.

We are fine now, but occasionally they will pick on someone or get into an argument with another student etc. (This doesn’t make them bullies but I am just labeling them bullies so that you understand what I mean).

So we should always remember to be kind to everyone and treat others how we ourselves would like to be treated. God doesn’t want us to be horrible to each other.

I just want to leave you with this thought: We should remember just because we don’t notice, doesn’t mean someone else isn’t watching.

Have a lovely night,

From Nadine

A Prayer Of Life

I really like this prayer because it applies to every aspects of our lives.

Just by praying this prayer you are asking God to control our lives and keep us safe.

It reminds me of the Lords Prayer except it is only for our lives and not the lives of others as well.

I would encourage you to pray both because you need to commit to God and have a daily relationship with Him 🙂

Thank you and Happy Reading!

From Nadine