Resolution Time! – A Beautiful Mess

I thought that this post would be very interesting for you to read. It will help you to prepare a good new years resolution before midnight πŸ™‚

Resolution Time! – A Beautiful Mess.


Wishing You A Happy New year

NadineOn behalf of the A Unique World Team (aka: me) I want to wish you all a happy new year!

I hope that you have had a good 2012 and that you are able to celebrate the arrival of 2013.

I think that it’s going to be a good year for all of us and for the blog, I hope that it will grow and become a very good blog.

Today I celebrated the coming of the new year with my church. We had communion because we thought that it is a good way to end and start the year, with God. We also had a lovely dinner with all our church friends and we had a really good time πŸ™‚

I hope you all have a lovely night celebrating and I will talk to you all soon πŸ™‚

From Nadine

The True Meaning Of Christmas

Merry Christmas All!!

The reason why I didn’t post yesterday is because I was aware that everyone was going to be spending time with family and not reading blogs πŸ™‚ this is why I am posting this Christmas message the day after. I hope you don’t mind.

I got a lovely text from my friend and I wanted to share with all of you. It reads:

Merry Christmas to all. May you have a fun filled blessed day. We may not know the date of Jesus’ birth but we do know He was born. Born to save us from sin. Give us hope for eternity. As you fellowship with family, friends or yourself remember Jesus is the reason for the seasons not just Christmas. Serve Him no matter what. Some people are mourning loss at this time, those in Newtown USA, & on the eve of Christmas 2 fire men who were gunned down in NY while out doing their duty. We still have life & those we love with us today. Show appreciation & remember LOVE is the key. Miserableness just cause uptightness & stress & discontent. Love is a relaxer. Have a great fun filled day. god bless u all. Love from the bottom of my hear…… xxxx”

I thought that this text was very suitable for this blog and for what I would haven said to you. I hope that you had a lovely day.

If you want to read what happened in my day click here: Story Of My Life: Merry Christmas All! | Street Meets Style.

Covering How Really Are

I'm Fine

How Are You Really?

I think it’s such a beautiful thing that even when we try to hide our true feelings, God always knows how we really feel. It’s only when we confess and pour out our hearts to Him that He can help us feel better. Never worry, never fear, never doubt, always trust in God. If time is rough and you feel that all your friends have gone then trust in God more. He promised that He will never leave you or forsake you, so please don’t forsake Him.

From Nadine

Hope You Had A Good Day


As the sun rises we realise that we can get up and play,

I really do hope you have a good day.

We laugh around and jump and shout,

lets hope you don’t mess God about.

Blowing In The WInd

We should jump for joy that we are alive,

just as the bees come out their hive.

We play in the leaves seeing as Autumn’s done,

And now the winter has begun.


Let’s not forget to give God praise,

Even though there has been rainy days.

Don’t forget to stop and pray,

I hope you had a good day.


Have a wonderful night and I hope you liked my poem.

From Nadine.

(It’s probably the best I’ve come up with on the spot. πŸ™‚ Please leave a comment bellow if you would like me to do more and some of your blog post requests.)


Don’t Be Embarrassed, I’ts Called Manners

Have You Ever Heard About The Courtesy Test?

You can see it all around you, people who just have no manners, for (a dramatic) example men not holding the door open for a lady or a child not saying please and thank you to their parents after receiving something etc. I’m not saying that everyone has no manners but it is a common problem all over the world.

Just like Juanna Lumley, I get very emotional when I see someone showing an act of kindness and consideration for/to someone else, for example when the bus driver pulls over when they spot someone struggling to run after it or someone offers to give someone a hand with heavy shopping. (Yes, I admitΒ  it’s a bit dramatic πŸ™‚ but it’s necessary πŸ˜‰ ) We both agree that it is very attractive for a man to be a gentleman. (According to an interview that she did this week with Stylist magazine- Queen of Everything.)My 'Thinking Face'

Do people think that it’s uncool or embarrassing to be polite? Sometimes it seems that people think it’s cool to ignore someone in their time of need. Sometimes it’s not always about people, it could be our carelessness to look after the earth. For example not putting your rubbish in the bin or leaving the street sweepers to clean up after us. It makes pour world look very dirty and it’s not nice for anyone who is really fond of nature or the earth itself.

Anyway a test was done around the world by RD (Readers Digest Magazine). They sent out undercover reporters to the biggest cities in 35 different countries where the magazine was published. They said that Paris was so upset at the lack of help with picking up papers-which was one of the tests RD did- that they thought about abandoning the survey.

Here are the all important results

World of Courtesy

  • New York- USA 80%
  • Zurich- Switzerland 77%
  • Toronto- Canada 70%
  • Berlin- Germany 68%
  • Sao Paulo– Brazil 68%
  • Zagreb- Croatia 68%
  • Auckland- New Zealand 67%
  • Warsaw- Poland 67%
  • Mexico City- Mexico 65%
  • Stockholm- Sweden 63%
  • Budapest- Hungary 60%
  • Madrid- Spain 60%
  • Prague- Czech Republic 60%
  • Vienna- Austria 60%
  • Buenos Aires- Argentina 57%
  • Johannesburg- South Africa 57%
  • Lisbon- Portugal 57%
  • London- United Kingdom 57%
  • Paris- France 57%
  • Amsterdam- Netherlands 57%
  • Helsinki- Finland 48%
  • Manila- Philippines 48%
  • Milan- Italy 47%
  • Sydney- Australia 47%
  • Bangkok- Thailand 45%
  • Hong Kong 45%
  • Ljubljana- Slovenia 43%
  • Jakarta- Indonesia 43%
  • Taipei- Taiwan 43%
  • Moscow- Russia 42%
  • Singapore 42%
  • Seoul- South Korea 40%
  • Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia 37%
  • Bucharest- Romania 35%
  • Mumbai- India 32%

Now this test was taken in July 2006 but the results are still shocking. I bet if they were to do another test today it wouldn’t have changed dramatically.

I think that we have a serious problem here. I know that England isn’t doing too badly with just over half of us that passed with flying colours. That doesn’t mean that anyone is outright rude but maybe we forget that our actions always have consequences. It isn’t something that we should be too guilty or embarrassed about. Sometimes I might say something that someone might take differently than how I actually meant it. Everyone is going to make mistakes, but if this is an ever day thing, then it’s a problem.

Do you think that we are lacking in manners as a country? Please leave you r comments bellow.

My New Muse: Everything Is Yours By Audrey Assad

If you have never heard of Audrey and have never listened to any of her songs, then this is the one that I would recommend.

I really really love this song. I like how that it builds up and that every word makes sense because nothing belongs to us, everything belongs to God. It’s better in His hands than ours.

Here is the song for you to listen to, I hope that you enjoy is and reflect on the words.

(This video was uploaded by KingDavidPsalm150)

Please let all your worries and problems go up to God in prayer so that He can take them off you and deal with them in the way that He knows best. He does not want us to worry about anything because everything is His and He will take care of it and you too.

Have a wonderful evening,

From Nadine.

Please let all your worries and problems be brought up to God in prayer so that He can take them of you.