Hope You Had A Good Day


As the sun rises we realise that we can get up and play,

I really do hope you have a good day.

We laugh around and jump and shout,

lets hope you don’t mess God about.

Blowing In The WInd

We should jump for joy that we are alive,

just as the bees come out their hive.

We play in the leaves seeing as Autumn’s done,

And now the winter has begun.


Let’s not forget to give God praise,

Even though there has been rainy days.

Don’t forget to stop and pray,

I hope you had a good day.


Have a wonderful night and I hope you liked my poem.

From Nadine.

(It’s probably the best I’ve come up with on the spot. 🙂 Please leave a comment bellow if you would like me to do more and some of your blog post requests.)