Don’t Talk To Strangers!

Don't Talk To Strangers

When I first saw this photo I had to laugh. It’s funny how some of the most common quotes/sayings always contradict what they might say to you later in life. After a couple of months I read this quote again and it got me thinking. Lots of people find it difficult or don’t talk to God as often as they should. I can add  myself to this list. Sometimes I find it difficult to talk to Him, but He’s still patient with me.

How are we supposed to become best friends with God and have a lovely relationship with Him if we refuse or can’t be bothered to talk to Him. I know that this point is different to what the quote says, but it goes along the same lines.

Recently I have been told by lots of people I know that we need to ‘pray without ceasing’. This is becoming very consistent so I thought that this quote was fitting for my situation. I want to encourage you all to pray and doing so is encouraging me to pray more, especially when things get difficult. I am so thankful that God is still there waiting for me to come back to Him and I really don’t want to let Him down.

I hope that this helped 🙂 and I hope you all have a good nights sleep!