Life Is Sweet Reblog By Street Meets style

Today has been a sweet day. I will explain more about why in a minute but for now I wanted to show you a few images of my picture so far. It’s been a slow start for me but I thought that it was unfair for you to be waiting for the finished piece when I’m taking too long to even get to that stage. I will get there eventually after I stop coming up with more ideas and brainstorming. :) Here are the images along with a project that I am currently doing:A Sneak Peak My Picture

Here are a few images of my Pirate project for college:Purple FeltArrrh Pirate FlagI Made FeltA Friendly Pirate

Now I am going to explain why my day was sweet. Recently I purchased 4 bottles of Sainsbury’s sparkling flavored water (my favorite) until I found out some shocking news that would put me off it forever…Sparkling Blackcurrant And CherryMore Sparkling Water

Apparently it contains SUGAR!! I know that this isn’t very extreme or anything that would upset anyone, but it put me off drinking the rest. I started to feel really sick and had to throw them all away. There’s me thinking that I am doing myself a favor by drinking loads of sparkly flavored water, and it turns out I’m doing myself more damage.

The reason I was sick is because the last time I went to my friends house to have fish and chips I made a huge mistake when looking for the alt. I just saw something white in a bowl with a spoon in it and sprinkled it on my plate only to find out that it was sugar. Ever since that day I have been put off from having sugar in or on anything.

So please, don’t make the same mistakes that I did… no really, please don’t. I’d rather have sugar in chocolate or in something healthier life vegetables or something.

Even though that was one down side to my day I can still say that Life is good, and most definitely SWEET :)

Have a lovely evening,

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