The Good Friday Prayer

Good Friday

Today’s Prayer
O dear heavenly Father, this day brings heaviness to my heart and joy to my soul.

Good Friday, the day that those of us who are followers of Christ “Christians” recognize the moment in history when your Son, our Savior, was led to the Cross, to suffer crucifixion and physical death and experience separation from You because of our sin.

I am so sorry that my sin and the sin of mankind made it necessary for such a sacrifice.

I’m sorry that my sin caused Jesus such pain and grief and caused your heart to break.

I thank You for providing a way for me to come to You through Jesus.

I thank You that Good Friday was not the end, but that Jesus Christ resurrected on the third day and sits at your right hand today, interceding on my behalf and on behalf of all who come to Him with belief and faith and repentance.

I remember today and I am grateful. For it is in the name of Jesus that I can come to you,




I hope that you all have a lovely weekend and a wonderful Good Friday reflecting on God and resting from a busy week 🙂

From Nadine


Fish, A Source of Protein

English: Atlantic salmon. Salmo salar.

Fish is a Brain Food

Fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, is a protein source, and is essential for brain function and development.

These healthy fish fats have amazing brain power and is also good for your heart.

If you want to have good heart and brain health then I would suggest having two servings of fish a week.

Did you Know That…

Higher dietary omega 3 fatty acids are linked to lower dementia and stroke risks; slower mental decline; and may play a vital role in enhancing memory, especially as we get older?



Happy 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday

Today is the day that my first ever blog, Central Health (now terminated) was born.  It’s so exciting to think that today is the day that I first started blogging and I have never looked back.:)

Spitfire IslandMe In My GardenThese Are Just 2 Of My Favourite ThingsA Prayer Of Life

Thank you so much for letting me share my happiness with you! I am so excited because my plans for the future are so big! :)

I want to thank you all for your support and nice comments. You are really what makes blogging count!

From Nadine

My New Muse: Sleep Away By Bob Acri

Csele(the dog) go off to sleep

There are two things that you are probably thinking just from reading the title, so I’m going to clear those right now :).

1. Yes it’s the song that is already installed/downloaded on every windows laptop- so it’s not like I came across it on the internet and fell in love.

2. The title may sound like it’s supposed to be played at night to put your little ones to sleep but it’s definitely not. (Even though it can be used for that because it does work! Just ask my brother what it was like babysitting :D)

322/365  Sleep away the autumn.

So now I’m going to tell you what it is that I like about this song. I  like how it’s so relaxing. Not enough to make me sleep but just enough that I have it on repeat long enough to call it my new muse. It’s a really beautiful instrumental and it ends just perfectly, leaving you wanting to meditate or just think. It’s a great way to just forget about all of your problems and gives you permission to pray or just be.

Here is the song for you to listen to (for those who don’t own a windows) for those who haven’t heard it before (or can’t be bothered to get your laptops 🙂 ) so that you can take time to relax while your reading my blog. So now you have no excuse for finding another time to relax!

(This video was uploaded by Gys6)

Happy relaxing, From Nadine 🙂

The Good Morning Prayer


Today’s Prayer

Good morning, God. As I look forward to this day, I want to start by thanking you for all the many blessings you have given me. The little things I so often take for granted, like having food, clothing and shelter; being able to work; being able to get up out of the bed even. Keep me focused on what is important in life. Help me to sow good things in this world. If I’m not doing enough, or not doing all you want me to do, please remind me and guide me. I praise You, God, and give you the glory, great things you have done. Amen.


Breakfast - By the time I got around to eating...


Breakfast is good. Breakfast is important. Part 4 of the Brain Foods Series is obviously going to be about… well I’ll let you figure that out 🙂

As your parents may have said (everyday of your life (I’m exaggerating) but at least more than once in your life) that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s true. Studies have shown that eating breakfast can improve short-term memory and attention.


If you’re a student it is important that you eat breakfast as you will perform better throughout your working day than those who don’t.

Food that will help your brain fuel include:

  • High-fiber whole grains
  • Dairy (for those who aren’t lactose and tolerant)
  • Fruit

I don’t eat dairy so I usually have a bowl of muesli with soya milk topped with raisins. It’s the best!

High-calorie breakfasts though are not a wise idea because researchers have found that it hinders concentration.

I hope this helped and encourages you to set aside time to eat breakfast in the morning instead of rushing out because you’re late for school or work 🙂

Stay tuned for more from this series. Your brain will thank you!

From Nadine

The Prayer of Reflection & Discernment


Morning All!

I found this beautiful prayer and thought that I should share it with you. I would like you to read i because I think that it’s something that we should all pray when we wake up. It reminds us of our Father and allows Him to help us during our day and to help us share our love for Him with others. You will understand this when you read it. 🙂

Today’s Prayer

Dear God,

I pray that you will give me strength, wisdom, knowledge and a sensitivity to recognize the opportunities before me to tell others about you. I pray that I will have eyes to see and ears to hear your message and your whispers and a heart to feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit to speak, to act, to make a difference in the lives of others. Thank you, God, for all you have done for me and all you will do through me for your glory and honor. I praise you, for you are great and mighty. You are my God and Creator, my Father and Nurturer, my God who is always there loving me, guiding me, and protecting me. Thank you, in Jesus’ name, amen.

Praise The Lord

Praise The Lord!

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a poem, so here goes 🙂

Praise The Lord,

You are my sword.

You keep me from hurt and harm,

under an angels arm.

You love me so much,

It’s you I wish to touch.

You are my Heavenly Dad,

and for that reason I no longer need to be sad.

Praise the Lord!

I know that that was probably rubbish, but oh well. It’s best to keep things simple. 🙂 Nighty night all! From Nadine