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Today I was checking my emails (as per usual) and saw a few from WebMD. I decided that I would take some of the information that I found there and create a mini-series. It is entitled Brain Food because I am going to share different foods that are good for your brain (Like you probably already guessed.) I am also going to throw some of my own tips into the mix so that if you do visit the website to read it, you won’t think that I have just copied everything from there and put it onto here In my own words.

1#: Brain Foods That Help You Concentrate

First let’s start with a pretty simple question,

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Whilst caffeine can be harmful it has a benefit. it can make you more alert. It is used to energize and help you to focus sand concentrate.

Caffeine can be found in things like chocolate, some medications and obvious things like coffee and energy drinks.

The effects of caffeine is short-term and used to wake you up in the mornings and when you are falling asleep when you are supposed to be working (someone knows what I am talking about!)

I am not trying to sell the idea that caffeine is acceptable seeing as I don’t drink coffee or tea. So for those who do not do so already I wouldn’t advise you to start just because it is addictive. If you already do drink tea and coffee, please drink it in moderation because this will make you feel jittery and uncomfortable.
I hope this helped!
Stay tuned for more on this series.
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