Sugar Can Be Good?

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The second part of the brain food series is all about sugar. Your body metabolizes glucose that it gets from the sugars and the carbs that you eat. Having a something sweet to eat or drink can offer a short-term boost to memory, thinking processes, and mental ability.

Obviously with every good thing, there comes a price, Having too much sugar can not be good and is not good. Even table sugar is not good. The reasons are:

  1. It can impair your memory
  2. It can impair the rest of your body
  3. It can help you put on weight

You have to be really careful in making sure that your sugar intake is reasonable. This also means that there is a time to have chocolate and cake and a time to have your 5-a-day 🙂 (Sorry everyone!)

Whilst we are on the subject of 5-a-day I read that you are actually supposed to have 9-a-day or more. Why should there be a limit to how much fruit and vegetable you should have? Obviously there is a limit but our body requires more than the government said that we need. This is fact!

Also remember that when eating fruit you are not to eat it before you go to sleep because this will keep your stomach working all through the night. I think that I will do a timetable on what meals would be good to eat throughout the say so that you can get some ideas for what your body needs.

I hope all this information is useful and I hope you all get a good nights sleep. From Nadine


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