Breakfast - By the time I got around to eating...


Breakfast is good. Breakfast is important. Part 4 of the Brain Foods Series is obviously going to be about… well I’ll let you figure that out 🙂

As your parents may have said (everyday of your life (I’m exaggerating) but at least more than once in your life) that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s true. Studies have shown that eating breakfast can improve short-term memory and attention.


If you’re a student it is important that you eat breakfast as you will perform better throughout your working day than those who don’t.

Food that will help your brain fuel include:

  • High-fiber whole grains
  • Dairy (for those who aren’t lactose and tolerant)
  • Fruit

I don’t eat dairy so I usually have a bowl of muesli with soya milk topped with raisins. It’s the best!

High-calorie breakfasts though are not a wise idea because researchers have found that it hinders concentration.

I hope this helped and encourages you to set aside time to eat breakfast in the morning instead of rushing out because you’re late for school or work 🙂

Stay tuned for more from this series. Your brain will thank you!

From Nadine