My New Muse: Sleep Away By Bob Acri

Csele(the dog) go off to sleep

There are two things that you are probably thinking just from reading the title, so I’m going to clear those right now :).

1. Yes it’s the song that is already installed/downloaded on every windows laptop- so it’s not like I came across it on the internet and fell in love.

2. The title may sound like it’s supposed to be played at night to put your little ones to sleep but it’s definitely not. (Even though it can be used for that because it does work! Just ask my brother what it was like babysitting :D)

322/365  Sleep away the autumn.

So now I’m going to tell you what it is that I like about this song. IĀ  like how it’s so relaxing. Not enough to make me sleep but just enough that I have it on repeat long enough to call it my new muse. It’s a really beautiful instrumental and it ends just perfectly, leaving you wanting to meditate or just think. It’s a great way to just forget about all of your problems and gives you permission to pray or just be.

Here is the song for you to listen to (for those who don’t own a windows) for those who haven’t heard it before (or can’t be bothered to get your laptops šŸ™‚ ) so that you can take time to relax while your reading my blog. So now you have no excuse for finding another time to relax!

(This video was uploaded by Gys6)

Happy relaxing, From Nadine šŸ™‚