Nuts and Chocolate? A Brain Food?



English: Thorntons chocolate marzipan (milk ch...


The nest part of the Brain Food Series focuses in the things that I am most shocked about. Yes I now that nuts are very good for you, but chocolate? This time I am very curious.



English: Dark chocolate. Español: Chocolate negro.

Chocolate nuts, nuts in general and seeds are very good sources of vitamin E. This gives you less cognitive decline as you age.

Dark chocolate also has very good powerful antioxidant properties such as caffeine which can help enhance focus and concentration. Though this may be true to some extent I wouldn’t suggest that your intake of caffeine and chocolate is high as it still has it’s negative effects. (See my previous post here to find out why.)


You should aim to have an ounce of nuts a day, dark chocolate included for those who enjoy it, to provide all the benefits you need without excess sugar, fat or calories.