Giving Him The Key

I read this beautiful prayer and story from a n email that I forgot I subscribed to. I decided to stop and read it and loved it so much that I thought I should share it with you. I also want to share my views on it, so here goes:

Today’s Prayer
Dear God, I pray that my work will be a lasting monument to your faithfulness in my life. Whether it is taking care of children, comforting a grieving neighbor, visiting a sick friend, teaching a class, developing a special project, managing money, or whatever the task, God show me if it is bringing glory to You. If it is not, help me to recognize how and what I should be doing or not doing. If it is, then give me the strength to keep on doing what pleases You. Please give me the desire and faith to give the first fruits of my increase to you. May you be glorified, my God, the source of all blessing. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Giving Him the Key
TGIF Today God Is First Volume 1, by Os Hillman

Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with Me. Revelation 3:20

A friend of mine tells the story of an encounter he had with a very important government official – the head of state for a country. In the course of some meetings with my friend, the official came up to him and said, “I perceive that there is a difference between you and me. Is it because I come from a different denomination?” My friend began to explain why there was a difference.

“If you were to come to my home, I would invite you in as an honored guest. As my guest, you would enjoy everything I had in my home. However, you would still be a guest. You would not have the keys to the home, and your authority in that home would be merely as a guest. However, if I said to you that I am turning over my home to you and you now have the keys to my home, I would be your servant.” My friend continued, “This is the difference between you and me. You have merely invited Jesus into your home as a guest. I have given Jesus the keys to my home [heart] and I am his servant.”

“How can I do this too?” the man replied.

“All you have to do is invite Him in as the new owner.”

The man did this and is now allowing Jesus to rule and reign in every detail of his life.

So often many of us enter a relationship with God that brings us salvation. This is the gospel of salvation. But what God really desires for us is to experience the gospel of the Kingdom. He wants us to experience His power and presence every day of our lives and to see His hand at work in us. This only happens when we give Him the key to our life; He must be more than an honored guest.

Where are you today? Has your life with God been more like an honored-guest relationship, or does He have the key to your life?

Wasn’t That Interesting?

I really loved this. The prayer was beautiful. After I read this it made me realize how I needed to let God take full control of every aspect of my life. I do ask Him to come into my heart and to have control of my life, but I never asked Him to control every single aspect of it and the decisions I make. Reading this has made me realize that I should honor God and it’s ok for me to do so, but I need Him to control everything. I do trust Him so I know that I/my life is in good hands 🙂

I hope that this gives you something to think about,

From Nadine

A Best Friend

A Best Friend
I found this picture on FaceBook and thought that it was really lovely. This reminded me immegiately of Jesus beacuse He is our best freind and He knows everything about us. Our wrongs and rights, but He still loves us so so much. I just want you to remember that so that if there is ever a time when you feel that the world is against you and that there is no one there for you, you will remember this quote by Elbert and you think of God (even though this may not be what Elbert was implying, it’s what it means to me).

I hope you all have a lovely evening and a good night 🙂

From Nadine

Remember I Was Telling You About The Sparkling Water?

Well today I was reading the newspapers and I read something even more shocking than the sugar! This is the words that the journalist (Nadia Gilani) used:

FIZZY drinks and fruit squashes are being linked to depression in a study involving more than 250,000 people. Downing four cans of sparkling drinks a day raised the risk of mental illness by 30 per cent, while the same amount of squash increased it by 38 per cent, researchers said.’Quote From Nadespink

I was so shocked when I read it and was also very thankful that it made me feel very sick. I am definitely going to be watching what goes into my poor little body and try to be as healthy as God intended me to be by eating the right foods, and most definitely drinking the right drinks.

Don’t Talk To Strangers!

Don't Talk To Strangers

When I first saw this photo I had to laugh. It’s funny how some of the most common quotes/sayings always contradict what they might say to you later in life. After a couple of months I read this quote again and it got me thinking. Lots of people find it difficult or don’t talk to God as often as they should. I can add  myself to this list. Sometimes I find it difficult to talk to Him, but He’s still patient with me.

How are we supposed to become best friends with God and have a lovely relationship with Him if we refuse or can’t be bothered to talk to Him. I know that this point is different to what the quote says, but it goes along the same lines.

Recently I have been told by lots of people I know that we need to ‘pray without ceasing’. This is becoming very consistent so I thought that this quote was fitting for my situation. I want to encourage you all to pray and doing so is encouraging me to pray more, especially when things get difficult. I am so thankful that God is still there waiting for me to come back to Him and I really don’t want to let Him down.

I hope that this helped 🙂 and I hope you all have a good nights sleep!


Hi Everyone!

I found this picture on Facebook and found it quite interesting and thought I should share this experience with you all.

At College I am seeing a lot of bullying going on from certain people and sometimes I hang around with them (the only reason for this is because our class is quite small and at times there is no one to talk to or sit next to). I hear a lot of gossiping about how this person can’t stand this person etc.

Sometimes I get it and I would add my comment, but I would be careful not to say anything offensive or that could be used against me (even though it wasn’t directed like that) because of a past experience with two of my friends.

I will change the names of my friends just for the sake of it 🙂

My friends Candice, Aurora and Charlie were talking about another one of my friends Joan and they were saying that on that particular day she was being quite annoying. I agreed that she could lighten up a bit and agreed that she was beginning to annoy.

Later on Joan approached me and said that we were no longer friends because I said that she was very annoying. I had to tell her that it wasn’t true because everyone had said it and agreed that she should cheer up. (We are still good friends today by the way 🙂 )

Anyway, I was hanging out with these ‘bullies’ (who are not really bullies but do at times) and they were talking about one of our tutors. A couple of minutes later in class I watched them giggling and pointing at me. I felt kind of hurt that they would be picking on me even though I had said or done nothing wrong towards them.

We are fine now, but occasionally they will pick on someone or get into an argument with another student etc. (This doesn’t make them bullies but I am just labeling them bullies so that you understand what I mean).

So we should always remember to be kind to everyone and treat others how we ourselves would like to be treated. God doesn’t want us to be horrible to each other.

I just want to leave you with this thought: We should remember just because we don’t notice, doesn’t mean someone else isn’t watching.

Have a lovely night,

From Nadine

A New Tomorrrow

I really like this quote that I found on Facebook because it just sounds so nice and is very reassuring. No matter how bad your yesterday/today was, tomorrow is going to be better (only if we allow it too).

Today is my first day posting again, I do apologize that I couldn’t post as I usually do. I don’t know when I will be able to post frequently like I used too seeing as I am now at College and have a lot of work to do, but tomorrow I can do my best to post a few a day.

Thank you for being patient with me. Happy Reading, from Nadine 🙂

A Quote By Mark Finley

Mark Finley
Mark Finley


A well known Pastor/Preacher of the SDA Churchmade

this quote saying “I would rather fail in doing things for God that succeed in doing nothing”.

I thought that this quote was very encouraging for me because I always want to impress everyone. I try to do my best in everything I do and want people to be proud of my decisions, including me.

Seventh-day Adventist Church

This encourages me that if I do things for God, then He’ll be more proud of me than anyone or anything. If I dedicate things for myself, who will be proud if me? What would I be achieving apart from vanity?

We should remember to dedicate our lives and what we do to God, and He will truly bless us and reward us for our labor 🙂

Happy Sabbath to all that believe in it, and have a good night, From Nadine 🙂