Thoughts to Ponder

“God doesn’t remove all our imperfections but He makes us beautiful by shining through them”

“The most valuable commentary on the Bible is a Godly Life”

“God’s judgment is certain, but so is His mercy”

“Those who’ve been rescued from sin are best able to help in the rescue of others”

“Do all the good, you can, in all the ways that you can, for all the people you can, while you can”

I think that today’s theme is all about our character. I strive to have a character that best reflects God because who wouldn’t want to be as loving as Him? Also it is having a good character that makes God happy. He doesn’t want us to be horrible to each other because that’s not what He made us for.

How are we to tell the good news to people if we are ugly on the inside and are always miserable and don’t want to share anything with anyone because we don’t like them? We can’t. We should follow in the path that Jesus laid out for us because He loves us. If we love Jesus we should love others because that’s what He does.

I love God and I believe that He is so so good to me and you. It’s amazing that even though we are all imperfect he will shine through us if we allow Him and if we really want to be like Him and set a good example. I hope you understand what I mean 🙂

I know that everyone’s views are different, so if you have a different opinion or if you can better explain what I am trying to get across, then please leave a comment below 🙂

I hope that you all have a good night and that you remember to let God into your heart through prayer and ask Him to let Himself be seen in you rather than our sinful selves.

God bless,

From Nadine

Thoughts To Ponder

“God won’t meet tomorrow’s needs until tomorrow comes”

“When you have accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace, God is awake”

“The same sunshine that melts the butter hardens the clay”

Yesterday is a cancelled cheque, tomorrow is a promissory note, today is all you have got – think and act wisely”

These texts are quite interesting and important for us to understand. We don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, and we can’t cancel/change what happened in the past.

In the Bible it says that tomorrow has it’s own troubles so let’s just concentrate on today, and getting through the day.

That’s why forgivness is great. We can’t change the past, but we can influence the future.

Please don’t let past experiences influence the future for the worst. Learn from your mistakes and strive to do better!!

Thanks for reading. (sorry I posted quite late. It might be like that for a while because I have run out of wifi. I will post as frequent as I can so please accept my early apology. I hope to be back to normal schedule soon!)

From Nadine.

Thoughts To Ponder

Cross-bearing proceeds Crown-wearing”

“No one is hopeless whose hope is in God

“Some people spend most of their life at the Complaint Counter”

“Most people are far-sighted when it comes to sin – they see others, not their own”

“In the desert of Calamity, God has an oasis of comfort”
I think that today is about faith. We should always remember to keep our faith in God. We also need to remember to never judge anyone. It says in the Bible to not judge, lest we be judged in the same way.

We always must remember that if anything happens call on God. He will answer our prayers and everything will work out for the good of those who love Him. Even if He answers and it’s not the answer we want, we need to know/remember that God knows everything, and He sees the beginning and the end. He is the Alpha and Omega. He knows what’s best. He also knows that if He did what we wanted, it might not work out as well as if we had taken His route. Let the Lord lead, and He will give you many blessings. 🙂

Remember that we are not the judges of this world. Even though we have parliament and all this “earthly” laws, we still have to follow God’s laws and if we don’t follow them, we shouldn’t be the judge. God is the judge because He “is” the law.

It says in the Bible that whatever it is that we are thinking that God is thinking, is actually two completely different things. We might always think that God will send destruction for those who don’t follow Him, but he actually thinks kind thoughts to us. That’s why He sent His son to die for us. That crucifixion day was actually the judgment. God decided that He would let us chose our destiny, but He had decided that everyone has an equal chance of getting to heaven, only if we believe.

The time of the end is the fulfillment of the law and God’s judgement. For all those who believe on Him and His son, this will be a glorious time. We will be going to heaven, if we just have faith.

Thoughts To Ponder

“To LEAD others out of the darkness of Sin let them see your light”

“The GOOD News of Christ is too good to keep to yourself”

“As the blossom can’t tell what becomes of it’s fragrance, we can’t tell what becomes of our INFLUENCE”

“WANTED: Messengers to deliver the Good News”


Today‘s theme for thoughts to ponder is about the Good News of Christ.

Most Christians don’t know or understand the good news that well. Because we are all busy we tend to think that the good news is very difficult to understand. We tend to make things seem harder for ourselves because we are so used to tackling difficult things, and working for things endlessly.

The Good News of Christ is simply this: He sent His son to die for us so that if we believe in Him, we can accept the free gift of Heaven. Sin has already been paid for, so we don’t have to work to get Gods attention, or for Him to love us. It says in the Bible that when we were yet sinners, He saved us.

We can live in peace knowing that we are saved, and we don’t have to fear the end because of our faith in God. He is our rock and foundation. As long as I’ve got God watching over me, I don’t need anything else. He helps me be contented with what I have and with who I am.

Have a blessed morning, Love Nadine xx

Today I Was Thinking About Jealousy

Today I was thinking about all the things going on in my life and the lives of others. I was wondering why every time I worked hard on something, someone would see what your doing and do the same. But they always end up being ten times better than you!!

I realized that God would want us to help others, and love is about allowing them to do so, and helping them even though they might end up being better than you.

The idea is not to be jealous, but to be happy for them. If they do better than me, and can just learn from my mistakes and take advise from them. Helping me to help others, do onto others as you would have them do on to you.

It’s not about looking my abilities and the abilities of others and doubting and judging, it’s about looking to our Heavenly Father. The one who gives these gifts and holds the whole world in His hands. If I do everything to the glory of His name, He will reward me. It’s not about earthly riches and fame that will soon pass away.

This is something I have to remind myself every day. and I hope that we will all learn lessons from others mistakes, and all help each other to succeed, because that’s how it was meant to be, brother, sister, neighbors looking out for each other.

I was reading up on Ophelia Horton and got a bit jealous. Because this is the time of the Olympics, and I see all these people younger than me winning gold medals and really succeeding made me dampen my fidelity. I started thinking about all the things I could be doing. All I want to do is make others proud of me, but I never stopped to realize what God wants for me.

Confession is good, and I feel a lot better. I decided to be happy for everyone, and to not judge myself either. Instead I read Ophelia’s blog and followed it. Maybe I can learn something from her. God did say and a little child shall lead them, and He has been so merciful to me and you, and is willing to forgive me for feeling green.

Please don’t make the same mistake as me. We should build up each other and not break anyone even ourselves down.

Isaiah 25:1, 4

When you are buffeted

by the storms of life

and your decks are awash,

a change of captain

may be called for.


“O Lord, you are my God; I will

exalt you and praise your

name, for in perfect

faithfulness you have done

marvelous things, things

planned long ago…. You have

been a refuge for the poor, a

refuge for the needy in his

distress, a shelter from the

storm and a shade from the


(Quote from God’s Little Book Of Encouragement by David Marshall)

Thoughts To Ponder

‘The secret of peace is the constant referral of all our anxieties to God’

‘There are none so good that they can save themselves, none so bad that God cannot save them’

‘The believer’s talent are not to be laid UP for self, but laid OUT in service’