All Your Dreams Lie In The Market | Street Meets Style

This is a post from my Street Meets Style website. It talks about my day trip and also a lovely recommendation for you this Christmas. 🙂

All Your Dreams Lie In The Market | Street Meets Style.


Pondering Over The Amount Of Food We British Eat hmmm.

Today as I went downstairs to look for something to eat (as in ten minutes ago) I thought about how much I actually wanted to eat. As I stared into the pots and pans filled with warm white rice and stir fry I realized that I had a very bad stomach ache.

I decided to eat anyway. Only a little bit, and as I sat and looked at my portion, I thought about all the other people who are either starving or want to lose weight. I’m not particularly big but I do need to eat more. I barely had anything to eat today, and drinking water before eating my dinner wasn’t a very smart idea.

So I encourage you all to eat reasonable amounts that is healthy and also won’t add extra weight on your body (unless you need it like me) 🙂