General Reminders For Long Nails No. 7

A bottle of "White King"-brand comme...

Always use rubber gloves when handling household items cleaners or bleach, which quickly dry out your nails, leaving them brittle.


A New Feature Starting From Now!

Hey guys, I have had soooooo many nice comments about ‘A Little Black Dress‘ post – that can be found on the fashion page.

I wasn’t going to make that a feature because I had seen a set of those type of dresses on the catwalk in different colours and styles. I was planning to post the collection online – and another piece of the collection was called ‘A Pink And White Dress, but a lot of people preferred the black dress instead.

It was not until I read a post from someone (I will not say the name) that said they couldn’t wait for more posts.

So here it is.  will posting pictures of the black dresses that I like, and I will tell you how I would wear it, what with etc.

You can also send in some of your pictures of you in black dresses. You never know, I might feature you in a post called EXCLUSIVE BLACK DRESSES. (That isn’t up and running yet as I haven’t received any photos…. because I’ve only just started).

Anyway, I will be creating a unique pintrest board for A Little Black Dress, so you won’t miss any of the pictures that I put on here.

So here is the 2nd picture of my favorite black dress. (if you want to see No. 1, visit the RV Fashion Station page, and scroll down to you see a post called ‘A Little Black Dress’.)

(Picture by Monique Lhiu)

Now I know that you can’t really see the picture very well, but I think that you don’t really need to see something to understand it.

I really liked this picture, seeing as it’s almost Autumn (it will be Autumn on the 22nd of September according to my Uncle- probably right though) and after autumn comes Winter. (obviously.) This is a nice A/W dress and faux fur at the skirt of the dress indicates this. The leafless reeds also show that it is on the verge of becoming Winter.

I would probably never where this dress because I am quite short. (if 5ft 4 is short then count me in.) But I probalby would wear it if I was going to a special up-do where it was fancy dress or something.

Hair Accessories

I think I would wear it with a nice sparkly hair band with frost crystals traveling down the side and up my hair. If it was Autumn I would wear a nice black hairband with bits of brown on them for the leaves.


I would have my hair in a high bun, and have the ends really curly so it just drops down on my shoulders. I would make sure that my hair was really flat at the front with no fringe, and I would use some Aloe Vera Gelly (can be a substitute for hair gel) and apply some to give my hair a shinier texture. It also helps it to lay flat when you brush over it when it’s already in a hair bubble.

This look is quite sleek and stylish because it looks like you’ve just been in a frosty place and all the snowflakes have melted into your hair.


This is my favorite part, as well as having completed doing my hair instead of the process of doing it. I would recommend that you have a clutch bag. It could be silver, brown, or black with lots of sparkles and/or some crystals going down the middle of it where it clips together. This would look really elegant if it was a sharp, solid, rectangle shape instead of the flimsy or curved unstructured type.

Here are my yeses and no’s of the evening clutch for the look pictured

For my shoes I would obviously wear black heels. I have a nice pair with lots of bows going up them. I wear them very often on weekends and special occasions. But if I was to wear that dress above, I would think about investing in a new pair.

You could wear a cute cottoned white cardigan, a shawl, or just go bare shoulders. It doesn’t matter what you do, just as long as you rock it!

Thanks for taking the time to read this incredibly long post. I hope it’s what you wanted and if not, I would love some suggestions on where I could improve.

Thanks ever soo much and stay tuned for more!!

Caring For Long Nails

Nail polish

Hello and good morning readers!!

As promised my new feature is for those struggling to look after their beautiful long nails. Even if they don’t look beautiful to you, I think I can help with that.

There will be nine days that I will post about this so here is day 1. (I hope you remember that I barley post on a Saturday because it’s my day off from blogging until the evening. So please don’t look for me so early. I will probably be on after 8.)

The general reminders for long nails will start tommorrow. This feature isn’t about nutritional advice, but it’s about pratcial ways of looking after your nails.

Please remember that all the nail advice is taken from a book called “A Complete Guide To Manicure & Pedicure” by Leigh Toselli. SO if you want to buy the book, I have just given you the title. Just search in any library and it should be there.

I have natural long nails too, so here goes:

Long Nails

Long nails and nail art are not always sensible or attractive to look at or to have, but everyone has their different tastes and lifestyles. Long nails and nail adornment may well fit into yours.

Learn How To Look After Your Nails

If you choose to have long nails, you should first learn how to use your fingers as if you have just applied a fresh coat of nail varnish. You should get into the habit of using them like this because the more knocks your nails suffer, the more likely the tips are to break. Doing exercises like the one mentioned above will properly teach you about the amount of care that goes into maintaining long nails. fresh coat of nail polish. Some people think that nails break so easily, when actually the damage was done a few days or weeks before it snapped.

Weaker By Nature & Tougher With Attention

Long nails are weaker than ‘normally’ shaped nails by nature. This means that they require special attention. Pointed nails can/have very little support. Oval or square-shaped nails are more likely to survive when long.

Nail Hardener Or Protection Basecoat?

If you add several coats of nail hardener to weaker nails, it will help minimize the chance of nipping and peeling of the nail enamel. The trick is to find something that protects and moisturizes at the same time. Nail hardeners with nylon fibers can be very effective tools in your maintenance plan, but prolonged use of the same hardener can make your nails too brittle. If this should happen or if your nails become thin you should then change to a protection basecoat (for instance, a thickening gel).

The general reminders for long nails will come at a later date. This feature is not about the nutrition of nails seeing as we have done that, but it is about the practical care that goes into looking after long nails.

Happy reading and speak soon, From Nadine